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With a century background PRUE is recognizable, reputable educational and scientific brand and one of the largest universities in Russia and CIS.

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The dormitory of the University is situated 3 minutes' walk from the main university building. Student facilities at the dormitory of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics: cafeteria, living room and gym.

Plekhanov Russian University of EconomicsPlekhanov Russian University of EconomicsPlekhanov Russian University of EconomicsPlekhanov Russian University of EconomicsPlekhanov Russian University of EconomicsPlekhanov Russian University of EconomicsPlekhanov Russian University of EconomicsPlekhanov Russian University of EconomicsPlekhanov Russian University of Economics


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Colin Graumans:
«My semester abroad in Moscow The 29th of August 2012 is a day I will remember for a long time. This the day my adventure in Moscow started. Of course I was a little bit nervous but on the other hand very excited to experience a semester abroad. I had studied for 3 years in the University of Applied Science in Utrecht (Hogeschool Utrecht) and I just finished my year as treasurer in the board of Directors of the student tennis club in Utrecht. So it was time for something new and I had found it by following my minor abroad. People asked me why Russia? In the Netherlands it is not really a common choice but that was actually one of the main reasons for me to choice for Moscow. I didn’t know a lot about Moscow, Russia and his culture and that made it more interesting for me. When I arrived at Domodedova airport I actually didn’t really know what I could expect of the city. Some of the buddies (very good system by the way) picked me and some other international students up at the airport and we took the train to Paveletskaya train station. Arrived in the dorm I met my roommates and other international students. The next two weeks I felt more like a tourist than a student. I couldn’t read and understand the language, didn’t know the way and everything was new. But thanks to the help of the buddies, the international students and the different trips we made in the beginning I felt immediately at home. After one month everything felt more familiar. To be honest, the level of the lectures was not the same as I was used to. Most of the courses where quite easy except for logistics and Russian because they were completely new courses for me. Unfortunately I missed too many Russian classes because I was lazy or I was travelling around. When I look back this was the only part a regretted during my stay, because I didn’t learn enough about the language. Besides of studying a travelled and partied a lot (maybe too much). The nightlife of Moscow was great and I also had a lot of fun during ‘piva management’ but I wanted to see more than only Moscow. In October I went to Saint Petersburg and in November I experienced the Tran Siberian Express. We travelled to the Baikal Lake and had an amazing time. On the way back we visited the cities Krasnoyarsk and Yekaterinburg. Furthermore I went to Kiev and in December we made an awesome dog sledge tour in Karelia. When I look back I think a learned a lot during my stay in Moscow. I made new (international)friends, lived for the first time abroad, experienced a different culture, learned how to drink vodka properly;) and I guess just the whole experience of studying abroad is good for your general knowledge. Russia has not always a positive image in Western Europe but I didn’t experience that at all. People are generally friendly, curious and not every man is an alcoholic haha. Last but not least I wanted to say Я люблю Россию and I still miss it! Kind regards, Colin Graumans Exchange student Plekhanov University – autumn semester 2012»
Tamara Stjepanovic Downer, Singidunum University, Belgrade, Serbia:
« When I was getting ready for my Exchange Semester in Russia I didn't know what to expect, because I think I was the ?rst person from my university who was doing this exchange. I thought that I will be on my own, but then I received e-mail from my buddy. I was surprised and happy that there will be someone to help me out, but still I didn't really know that there is a buddy system and that besides helping us out upon our arrival, they are organizing all different kind of activities. At the beginning I had some dif?culties, because I was supposed to study in Russian and not with other international students on IBS program. However, in the end everything went ?ne, and thanks to my buddy, Dean’s Of?ce and International Center, I was successfully transferred to IBS program. The only thing that didn't work well in Russia since I came was getting student card and metro cards. It was time-consuming. I understand that paperwork takes time, but I think some things like that could've been done more ef?ciently. In addition, when it comes to metro cards, that we were waiting for almost 3 months, I think that you should warn students about that right away and just suggest them to buy metro cards with 60 rides, because it is not possible to get metro card that fast. I was buying smaller metro cards all the time, because no one told me that it takes that much time. I was excited that I am going to studying in English and also have Russian language classes. Main reason why I wanted to come to Moscow is improving my Russian. I took 18 hours per week. I can de?nitely say that I improved it so far, but I still think it could've been even better. The only problem is that we are not that much in touch with Russian students. However, thanks to my amazing Russian teacher Larisa I learned a lot. She is the best Russian teacher I ever had and one of the best teachers in general. She is real example how a teacher should be. I took few different subjects in IBS program, and I would say that I am quite satis?ed, but I have to say that one of the, Corporate Social Responsibility, is really poor. I expected that it will be interesting, but teacher doesn't really know much. I don't know what is the real problem behind it, maybe English or not enough of experience, but I am really disappointed. Strategic Management and Marketing Management professors are nice, interesting and always well-prepared for the class. When it comes to Doing Business in Russia, that is something that I was really interested in, but 6 hours per week is just too much, especially when some of professors were just reading what was written on the slides. At the end we were supposed to write report and for all those ours we spent in DBR classes we didn't get any useful input. I think DBR is really useful subject, but it should be revised. Still I have to say that we had few nice professors as well. I would like to mention our dormitory too. It is really nice dorm and ladies who are on our ?oor are nice as well, especially Galina. Kitchen is not as not, it is usually dirty and overcrowded, and it would be better if international students had fridges in their rooms too, because it is just impossible for 10 people to use one fridge. Dormitory guards should be more polite. All in all, I am happy that I had chance to come here, gain some new experience, improve my Russian and meet new people. I can say that I am satis?ed. I love Moscow, it is really nice city, which you can explore for years. I wish I had chance to stay here for a year. Winter in Moscow is ruff, but as soon as the weather gets nicer and warmer Moscow becomes like a city from fairy tale. I will miss Moscow and people I met!»
Sabrina Ropp:
«Exchange Semester in Moscow My name is Sabrina Ropp and I am an exchange student from Vienna, Austria. With this essay I would like to show you, why I chose Russia for my studies. First of all I have to point out that I am an economic student, and for me it is very important to go in a country where you can really learn something new about economy. In my hometown university I was taught a lot about the American liberal system and about their history, but Russia or Asia are not mentioned at all. Unfortunately Russia is not in a good light in Europe and I wanted to discover what the real Russian life looks like. I came to Russia to learn about their people, history, culture and political system. In my opinion it is essential to know the language to get a deep impression of a country, so I started learning Russian one and a half years ago. It is a hard language to learn but I love to speak it. And some day I hope I will be able to understand what Russian economists are writing about. I had the choice to go on exchange in every country in the world but I chose Moscow and especially the Plekhanov University, because I thought that I can benefit here best from my semester abroad. Since I have come here I discovered the Russian bureaucracy, not only by applying for the Russian Visa, but as well for student cards and metro cards. It was new for me that you have to identify yourself wherever you go, even for entering a dorm. But thanks the buddy systems I had an excellent start into Russian life. I really appreciate that the Plekhanov University provides such a good system to international students. I don’t know if I could have handled all bureaucratic steps on my own, and at least it would have taken me much longer. Furthermore the buddies help me improving my Russian and show me the Russian lifestyle, which I am really interested in. I am very happy, that I decided to come here in spring semester, because I could experience a lot of celebrations like Masleniza, Women’s day, Men’s day and Eastern. It is interesting to learn other traditions and to gain new experiences. I didn’t know before that in Russia Blin is a sign for the sun and that there is a spring celebration which should dispel the winter (which didn’t work out that good, because now in middle of Arpil it is still cold in Moscow). According to University there is a big difference between my hometown University in Austria and this University here. I feel like back in school, fixed lessons, obligatory attendance, homework and classmates. I have to say that I prefer working autonomous combined with teacher provided lessons. Unfortunately the content of the lectures is not differentiating a lot to the Austrians, because the teachers are as well using American Textbooks. But I still learn other perspectives when teachers adding personal opinions. The class “Doing Business in Russia” can help me sometimes to understand why Russians behave the way they do, because we got taught history, which explains in my view a lot. When you know, that 20 years ago there were not a lot of opportunities and need for learning foreign languages due to Soviet Union, you can understand why most Russians can’t speak English. Russian students in general differ from Austrian in their attitude, way of thinking and of their beliefs. The most of them are not taking studies seriously, which surprised me very much, I expected the opposite. As well the Russian girls are not that independent like I expected them to be. Furthermore I discovered that the stereotype of Vodka drinking students is not true at all, the only students who drink lot of Vodka are foreign. Additionally I got a totally different time and distance feeling here, because Russia is such a big country. Two hours traveling by train is a big distance in Austria, here in Russia travelling under three hours is nearby. Looking at the political situation in Russia, I am a lucky person to stay here during the Krim crises. I am reading various newspapers of three countries (Austria, America and Russia) and I have to say that every media report something totally different. And honestly it is hard for me to find out the truth. All in all I am really satisfied with my decision to come to Russia, because I am learning a lot and I love to face new challenges. I would definitely come again.»
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